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What the Hex?

What The Hex? is a free and open-source colour picking tool, just like the eyedrop tool in image editors such as GIMP. But unlike those editors, What The Hex? is designed to provide you with the Hex or RGB information you’re looking for in the fastest way possible.

What The Hex?

Instead of…

  1. Pressing the PrintScreen key
  2. Opening your image editor
  3. Pasting in your image
  4. Clicking the eyedrop tool

You can…

  1. Open What The Hex?
  2. There is no Step 2

What The Hex? automatically takes and displays a screenshot when opened, allowing you to click away at that little pixel and get the desired Hex and RGB information.


The source code is published under the MIT License, and is available from the GitHub project page. Precompiled copies with fancy installers are also available.

The project is written in C#, with the .Net 4.0 framework.