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Scrivener for Windows

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A couple of days ago I found out that the popular OS X word processor, Scrivener, was now available for Windows (and Linux beta). I decided to take a look. It’s actually an impressive word processor. Very impressive in its simplicity and philosophy.

Unlike Word and other traditional word processors, Scrivener splits a document up into individual sections. A section might be an entire chapter (several pages), an individual scene within a chapter, or a topic that must be addressed in your paper. The writer can focus on these individual sections in isolation, or work on them as a whole, and re-order them at will. Once the document is complete, Scrivener’s powerful Compile function can automatically join the sections back together in their correct order, change the formatting of the final document and spit out a PDF, Word document, Epub or Mobi ebook or more.

It’s fantastic for working with University papers. I can split up my document into the individual topics I must address and write them up, then worry about their order later on.

I’ve only scratched the surface, but if you often write documents, whether University papers, business documents or novels, it’s definitely worth investigating Scrivener. Download the trial and run the tutorial, or check out this ScreenCastsOnline tutorial of the OS X version.

Scrivener for Windows costs $40 ($35 for students), and can be purchased from the official website.