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I Think I'm Addicted to Software

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I think I’m addicted to software. I love trying out and learning to use new programs just about as much as I do video games, and have a nasty habit of impulse-buying anything that looks really interesting. A few days ago I bought Just Great Software’s DeployMaster, an install builder. It has an unlimited and almost fully-functional trial version, but I shelled out $99 almost straight away because I wanted to have the real deal. Now I need to stop writing Perl scripts and find something I can really use with it. :D

Like all JGSoft’s apps, DeployMaster can be a little bit rough around the edges, but it really delivers. It has most of the features you would expect from an install builder, is easy to use, and produces great results. Installers can also be extended with a support DLL to add extra functionality.

Apart from RegexBuddy and EditPad, JGSoft’s applications seem to be a little overlooked, but they definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. Check them out.