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The Dead, the Dying & the Damned

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I’ve just opened a second website, The Dead, the Dying & the Damned, the aim of which is to a) inform people of websites and services that are about to shut down and b) encourage people to preserve them by retrieving their data or archiving the whole lot.

Why create this site?

The Internet is full of priceless user-generated content - history - and it regularly gets thrown away with no regard for its value. Many websites and services are shut down a) without adequately notifying its users, b) without providing a long enough grace period for users to download their data or c) without allowing its users to download their data at all. This is appalling.

We want to help get the word out when a website or service has to shut down, and help its users to retrieve their data before its too late.

If you are are interested in being notified of website and service shutdowns, or are able to help preserve significant websites and users’ data by archiving them, please subscribe to the blog and consider assisting a group like ArchiveTeam. You can read more information about The Dead, the Dying & the Damned on its about page.