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The '90s Just Called

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A few days ago I switched back to Winamp. Back in the late ’90s, it was the MP3 player, but I haven’t heard anything about it in a long time. Its user base declined quite a bit after Nullsoft (its devteam) was acquired by AOL in 1999, and declined even further after the rise of the iPod forced Windows users onto iTunes. Winamp remained my faithful MP3 player until around 2007, when I joined the iPod crowd, but since I will soon have a Samsung Galaxy S, I thought it would be worth taking another look at Winamp for its Android app and Wi-Fi synchronisation feature.

I couldn’t bring myself to use the modern Winamp skins, but Winamp Classic is exactly the way I remember it. After using iTunes for so long, it looks kind of ugly and feels clunky and unintuitive to use, but it still does a great job. I finally bought a Winamp Pro license too, after using it for the past 12 odd years. It was definitely worthwhile, but I have to wonder why it’s still shareware. Winamp Pro only unlocks the same basic features that other MP3 players have offered for free for years, like CD burning/ripping and MP4 video support.

In any case, it’s great to be using Winamp again. It feels like I’m back in the early 2000’s, listening to indie Aussie bands on

Winamp still whips the llama's ass