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Bookmark Archival With Pinboard

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I recently signed up for Pinboard, the self-proclaimed “social bookmarking [service] for introverts”. Like other social bookmarking services, it lets you… bookmark stuff. But it has a special archival feature that makes it really stand out. All accounts can be upgraded to archival status for $25/yr (minus the initial signup fee of $9.21), unlocking bookmark archival and full-text search. Any pages you bookmark are automatically crawled and their content archived, so that if they ever go offline their content will still be accessible through Pinboard.

Compared to similar archival services, Pinboard does a pretty good job, not only saving page content, but dependencies as well (images, style sheets, JavaScript, etc). This offers pretty good protection against link rot and means I don’t have to manually archive important pages. I know from experience that IT blogs on free hosts especially tend to randomly disappear, taking their valuable content with them, so Pinboard’s archival feature should provide valuable protection against that in the future.